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'The mushrooms said clearly,"When a species prepares to depart for the stars, the planet will be shaken to the core." All evolution has pushed for this moment, and there is no going back. What lies ahead is a dimension of such freedom and transcendence, that once in place, the idea of returning to the womb will be preposterous. We will live in the imagination.'

a quote by Terence McKenna

what you think?

I wonder you know, cause like my friend was telling me the other night, the same thing you wrote, that mushroom spores can survive for aeons in space, and are probably from another world. Maybe they were like created by some advanced race of beings - bio-messages sent out into the universe to preserve a deep knowledge and help other races.

a shaman friend of mine told me once that you don't look for the magic mushroom it comes looking for you.
It is revered as a teacher by some people... a spiritual entity in its own right.
Interesting story man...