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picnic park people

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water side eaters picnic
grape jelly drops
ants gather sweet

fish pole stress bends cane
line whines about tension's tug
small bell rings

over stone bridge run kite flying kids
brezze lifts paper craft high

boys team in packs upon bikes
they leave park without permisson

hamburger eating fat fellows
sit facing the river's bank

large tree flowers glow bright blue
worms find homes in rotten tree bark

the trees in bloom bud large leaves
for the catipillers to chew

large silver bodies' scales shimmer
through the water's murky cold

the sleeping fisher
forgets line bell's ring
fish excapes with bait

park people lounge about grass
tree climbers perch and pick sour fruit

jelly jar drops to soil empty
the insects clean it's glass

uncles eat bread out of brown bags
they watch kids chase air born bugs

waddling ducks walk over rocks
young beaks quack cold water song

tree perching people sing to darling ducks
tree boys chuck sour fruit

park people pack their picnics back into their baskets to leave