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Clandestine soul connections, typing out long letters speaking of friendship and poetic love.
The huge evergrowing cybernetic brain pulses on my desktop. Click click of the mouse, eyes staring transfixed by the modern Medusa screen of digital information. A portal into the mind of the human race.
And I sit here smoking weed in my little pipe and drinking cold beer. Typing out stories and poems and my mental chaos for the world to see.

My mobile phone rings, my computer grins, my hands cup my chin.

"hello," I answer in a completely wasted monged out voice.

"Yo Richie how's it going?"

"Great," I say not speaking the truth.

Today I feel like I have completely nuked my brain. Dropped the narcotic equivalent of the atom bomb into it. A particular combination of chemicals that create a perculiar response in the brain. A narcotic haven of euphoric ecstasy madness and bliss.

But it doesn't last forever, every experience has its yin and yang. And after climbing that drug mountain you got to come back down. Back down to the news and stories of war against some guy called Bin Laden in Afghanistan. His face pasted over every newspaper. 'WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE' what the fucks going on? Oh no, not another media frenzy. Their like vultures, they get a story and print it for weeks and weeks, stirring up public emotions like a great bowl of soup... creating more stories... they gather like vultures until they've picked all the meat and left nothing but bones. Then they find something else to pick to pieces.

Stories of patriotic narrow minded hysterical people lynching a poor Sikh taxi driver. (Now that got me cos I really like Sikh people.)
These pathetic narrow-minded people were so braindead and stupid they thought he was a Muslim because he wore a turban.

These thugs are just neanderthals who missed the evolutionary bridge millions of years ago. Still holding their dinosaur hip-bones and bouncing up and down like those apes at the beginning of that surreal film
'2001-a space oddysey '.
They can't see how going out and persecuting Muslims is a complete lack of intelligence, can't see their behaving no better than the terrorists.

I know many Muslims and they tell me that one of the commandments of Islam is,'Thou shall not kill.'
So these terrorists aren't true Muslims. Muslims shouldn't be thought of as the enemy, I wish these people would use their brains.

Religion is often used as a cover for violent activities. But its not religion that causes the problem its blind fanatical people.

What a fucked up world we live in. Sometimes I wish I knew what I was doing here. I don't feel like I belong in this crazy war ridden ego glamourparlour of selfish consumerist world revolving round moneylove.
I belong somewhere else, where there is peace, where poetry, music, love and angels exist.

"Richie you there?"

"Huh, yeah mate sorry was trancing out, jus a bit monged. Who is this anyway?"

"Your bro."

"oh, hey bruv soz am totally out of it, hey how are you man?"

"Monged." he says in a classic freaky voice.