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JAKE'S DINER - porfavor

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Yeah, that was the last place before gigi and I could find some people to hitch with. it was a quaint place, little 70s piece of shit that serves good Sunday dinner along with black coffee, the greatest I’ve had in a long time. But, that’s entirely different story—the real point is we got dropped off at El paso, not too far from Carl’s place and the backyard grill. Now past 8:00 at night and we were sitting down. In front of the antique shop.
Just waiting.

a car drove by.
“hey ladies, how does a twenty sound to you?”
“$50. no less.”
he drove off.

yeah fifty bucks does sort of sound like a pretty hefty price to give, but me and gigi did give a nice show. Fifty bucks wasn’t as close to anything to what we were really worth.

“so…what are we gonna do now?”
“oh, same shit we always do.”
“not again.”

BARS were too un-worthy far us. You needed to get to the real places. The places where the real dough is…the country clubs. The restaurants. The places where the rich people drool clumsily on their champagne bottles…YOU SEE, that was the problem with girls like us today. NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THE REAL STUFF IS. We stroll around waiting at the local bar, in hopes of having some drunk no-good businessman type who recently got into an argument with his wife, lookin’ for a good time.

NO. that’s not it at all. You gotta find the lawyers. The big-shot corporates. The ambassadors. You gotta be waiting from them, right as they’re entering, JUST ENTERING, the ‘little – boy’s room’ …and you just gotta, just GOTTA, twirl that little eyelash of yours. And there: MONEY’S ROLLIN’.

We headed to the bar.