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Chicken Pizza ??

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And the rain fell onto downtown Hailfax as I opted into European Foods, my traditional choice on Pizza Corner. Because I'm hungry, because that's where the crowd's leading me, because that's where I'm leading the crowd or just to get out of the rain? I'm not sure, but a feeling of LIVING squeaks its way into my brain as the BBQ sauce from the chicken slice scorches my upper mouth. The walk from the Casino, albeit penney-less and moist has filled me with inspirational thankfullness. Thankfullness that I have a warm hotel room at the top of Spring Garden, thankfullness that I have friends like Thom to hang with, thankfullness that I had 3.75 with which to burn my upper mouth at 3 AM. At Thackery's the same dude plays the same guitar. Hey man. How it goin'? is the reply. The rain spanks my slice but does nothing to cool it down as I make my way further along Spring Garden.