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to obmamambo and levi

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obmamambo: many people have asked to see a philosophy board, a music board, and any number of other boards ranging from the obscure to the bizarre and, in some cases, the "boards of questionable legality." if you scroll down the feedback board, i'm sure you will find some of these requests. Levi will no doubt respond to your request with: "obmamambo: i've actually been thinking about it for a long time see, i was a philosophy major in college...i only like to add a couple of boards a year, and i'm not sure if that's the one i want to add..." etc. i am not actually psychic, but i did a search for "philosophy" using the built in litkicks search engine and those are some of the responses that i found. i didn't try music, but i assure you that a music discussion board has been suggested at least 4.2469 million times. i'm pretty sure that the issues are three-fold: time, bandwidth, and pertinence. levi has said that he wants to maintain the literary focus of the site, and i think that the amount of work and extra bandwidth that it would require to start branching off into philosophy and music is making it a lot easier to stay on-topic. but levi hasn't ruled out the possibility of any of these boards popping up in the future. hope that helps.

levi: just thought i'd be a total hypocrite for a second and ask you about a new board that you have already said you don't really have time to create. Just thought i'd suggest a board that's already been suggested quite a few times. so howzabout an FAQ board?