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the best idea ever

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really, i mean this may be it. after this, we can all stop having ideas because they will be rendered redundant and moot. ha. but seriously. we need to shoot the reading on the 11th on mini-dv. we neeeeed to. it's the only possible answer. i looked into renting a camera, and it would cost me like five hundred bucks. and i spent my last five hundred bucks on.. well, my plane ticket. so, yeah. but one of you new yorkers has to know an NYFS student that can get a hold of a camera for the evening. if we could record the event, then everyone on litkicks could see it [everyone with a broadband connection, that is]. it would be amazing. think about the amazing wonderfulness of it all. c'mon, levi... let's get us a camera! and if there are some costs, i will help to subsidize [to the best of my ability].

and if we could get two cameras, then we could shoot the reading and the people in the crowd, editing the two together for maximal amazing wonderfulness. but now i'm just dreaming.

i think that you can recognize this as being the greatest idea, ever. thank you.