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pictures in profiles: complete instructions

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due to the number of questions regarding placing photographs in member profiles, i've decided to try to write one post that should answer everything. ready? ok.

first, to place a picture in your member profile or in a post, the picture must first be located somewhere on the web, and have its own specific url. (this would be something like otherwise, none of the following instructions will work, and you'll get nothing other than this hated box with the red x in it.

and that's no good. so to avoid this, it's necessary to upload. if you don't own a domain and your own webspace, and you don't want to shell out cash in order to show off your pictures, then you'll have to find a free site that allows for public image sharing. is an excellent site for this, and it's very user friendly.

next, after you've gotten your photo uploaded someplace, then it's time for fun with html. say your picture is of a door, and you've named it "picture.jpg", and you've hypothetically uploaded it to a fictional place called when you go to edit your profile, you would place the following code where you want your picture to appear:

<img src="">

this would make your picture appear in your profile, like so:

however, if you're using the site, then it's even easier. after you've uploaded your picture to their server, you can view it in your own personal photo album. click on the picture that you want to place in your profile, and you'll be taken to a page that lists numerous url's. the one you'll need for putting the picture in your profile is the second one, called HTML IMG Tag. simply copy the code that appears in green, and paste it into your profile. and voila! you're a photo-sharing wizard.

that's basically it. hope this was helpful. have fun.