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snowy day

Posted to Roadgoing

the snow fell softly from the grey sky and i felt my heart melt into the cold and frozen earth below
huge white flakes like powdered potatoes gently grazing my as yet uncovered barbecue and the last stubborn snapdragon - all that remains of my vibrant summer garden

i turn on some billie holiday and grind my fresh coffee beans; turn on the shower and stand underneath the burning hot jet sluicing through my newly cropped hair and feel the heat scouring away the anxiety of the past few weeks

standing under the water my mind turns to journeys i've taken and roads i've travelled...billie crying out her blues in the background transports me to another city and another life where i was beautiful and loved and where i knew just who i was even if nobody else did

i step out into the early morning chill of my basement apartment and luxuriate in the feeling of the cold air on my wet and naked body - alive, that's what i feel

the coffee has brewed and my bare feet pad across the cool linoleum to pour a massive cup of that precious morning elixir - it is dark and rich and black and the mere smell of it sends me to a small cafe in Annapolis where everyone was a regular, even if you'd only been there once and where everyone had a story if you could just sit long enough to hear it in their eyes or see it in the lines on their hands and faces

my day has begun