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My lady's song.

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Some things are hard to describe, they stay locked in your soul un reachable even for inspiration. Sometimes we allow these things to be forgotten like a passing dream. So it is now, that I sit down at my computer and write down everything. The whole phased experience that changed me forever, o.k maybe not changed but certainly made me open my eyes and become aware once more.I do this so that it can never be put away, I do this because once it's written, it's written. No more passing by.
I can not tell you how this story begins or how it ends, for it is eternal, always intricately woven amongst the dreamers and the geniuses, the poverty stricken and the wealthy ,the living and the dead. Carried like a whisper through the centuries, I will whisper no more...for my heart burns with its mere existence.
This is the story of why, of how,and of YES!
As we grow, we forget the wills it so. But not for me.Never for me.

She came to me once, as though in a dream, so beautifully clothed, her rainbow hair streaming in the breeze. She came to me in a storm of serenity,her jewled eyes sparkling like sapphires,soft eyes with a hunger. A dancing cotradiction she came to me and I felt her.I knew her, because she you and because she is me. Taking my hand she showed me how to open my eyes.The heavens wept pure happiness that day as I have every day since.
She showed me how to love, because its for free.
Opening my eyes I saw how things are when it seems that they shouldn't be. She showed me that there once was a dream and were still living it now. The never ending dream. Because it always has and always will be.
Walking me through history I came across tomorrow and said YES!.
Ancient words of wisdom, from my lady fine and fair every day belongs to her for she is life.
A forever story, my sweet romance eternal.
Gently we danced, with eyes open wide as I learned her secret from within, How all is eternal. There is no end to anything,my forever love.
Delicate, her fingers ran through my soul, opening doors I never knew.
I saw how to love, as I watched beauty glide, into all I had forgotten to notice...because it has always been there.
Death can not touch me now, for I know what will be .
I'll be sailing through beauty, just my lady and me.
Half awake, a living sleep, life's a dream I've learned to keep.

My words can not ever say all that can be said, I will try again once more.....I awoke from my living dream, as I have never awoke before.