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To Ric (My son's father) A journey back to reality

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To Ric

I should have married you on that day.
We broke down on the way to Vegas in Victorville, California.
To me it was a sign
that things might go
wrong and not be right.
And years later it never was
meant to be
and it is now
something that never happened.

Years separate
miles of pavement in hot July sun
baking the desert
and gentle rolling hills rising from interstate overpasses.

The green charger
mint car
over heated
and stopped us from getting married.

That night we made love
on the roof
of old an apartment building
On Ave E in
San Bernardino.
The next day we sat on the steps and watched
the Thunderbirds roar overhead.
Nights later, we lay in the sands in the high desert
And watched falling stars.

We had a son and drifted apart.

Years went by.

Alone in layers of abandoned clothing
You wore yourself for the last time
Next to the tracks
With a bunch of vagrants,
To a lonely hospital emergency room
Where know one knew you.

Mel Zetzer for Ric(Rock and Roll Ric/DJ/Poet/Song Writer/ and Lover Extraordinaire) written on