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Can't git off this road.....

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.....Shouldered packs and out to the day.

Noisy local coffee shop greasy too sweet doughnuts and knowing waitress, knowing her life before it’s half over and very content that tomorrow will not be much different than today or yesterday, a quality that now as I write this in my older complicated life I see as a quality pure and simply.

Deirdre with her calm smile knows too, that we have come, seen, enjoyed and now our traveling wind blows and needs us to fulfill it’s destiny. Doughnuts heavy in our bellies coffee sweet and black another memory. Exiting the diner she breathes in all in sight and smell and knows the stories of last night can carry us in that northern wind with the Manitou and the raven to watch us.

I can see the wind carries our first test, gray rolling clouds and cool damp mist in the wind. The rains of northern spring will come.

Not an hour later sitting at roadside, thumbs up high budding birch trees bending to northern will. The rains came slowly at first a warning for someone who couldn’t smell it coming an hour ago. We brought out our rain gear showing the Manitou and the raven our preparedness for their test. We will move on. We will pass the test. The rains fell from the sky in torrents with the Manitous’ wind to blow it in our faces, giving us caveat that only those of spirit will pass it’s shoulders.

Short hopping rides gave little respite from the deluge. The landscape disappears through wipers slapping. White lines dark sheen of the northern road where all we had to guide us. The Manitou was all but invisible. Our trickster raven would swoop occasionally and let out a loud cronk and still I don’t know if he is our guardian or in the service of the Manitou, testing us to be sure we are worthy of the north.

Our first day on the road brought us much further than I had bargained for the same can not be said for our second day. It felt as though we where going backwards. At days end, or at least what we considered days end I didn’t know where we were. The rain seemed to break or at least relent it’s temper, we could see far enough off the side of the road to notice a high ridge with a small clearing in the woods.