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Dear Levi,
I was reading your Hippy Lit section and then began the search to ask a couple of questions and make a suggestion or two. The question was, would you like to trade links? Our site is new, is a bricks and mortar bookstore and an online bookstore, all in process as they say. Your essay on the literature of the 60s and thru the Nixon era seemed fairly complete and factual. I was a member of a group of poets, during that time in Berkeley. I have a section of their books in our store, Berkeley Class of 1968. They include Richard Krech, John Oliver Simon, Andy Clausen, Joel Waldman, myself, paul X, Richard Denner, etc. I don't see notice of these guys on your site and I'd guess they should be. None of us got famous but all of us can write. Ginsberg became a champion of Clausen's work; Gary snyder writes fabulous encomiums for Simon's books; Denner became a wonderful publisher of D Press books, etc.

Some of this stuff and their books are discussed and available on our site. You site seems labyrinthine and I'll get to its parts one at a time. I read with Andy Clausen, Janine Pommy Vega, and Charles Plymell at the New Grass center for Culture in Florence, Massachusetts in March of 01. I was there basically because Byron Coley and Thurston Moore republished my Berkeley Book, Little Lord Shiva. I net Byron at a big beatnik reunion in Cherry Valley in 1998, Plymell and Bremser were there, Herschel Silverman, Dave Church, Ed Sanders, etc. Byron and Thurston are in process to reprint some of Richard Krech's material, he used to do a magazine called Avalanche, and a small hand out called The Grass Prophet Review. It's not that there wasn't actual Hippy literature, it's just that we are still subrosa, unintentionally so, maybe because the "media" has it's hands full with nonstop war.

I'd guess one quick intro to the scene would be to look on my site at the Little Lord Shiva: The Berkeley Poems, 1968, page.