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David, I want to go.
We want to get lost amid the timid and emblazoned outgoing road. I want to think and be merry and fall in love with myself and the world - and the word - i want to live forever as a saint traveling life, taking the scary-sick fun-fried roads of the American "dream". David helped me, he took me in when i split up with my love, he had no choice. I was in a bad way. The same thing happened to him, he said that they were in trouble - that was a year and months in change and now we want to go and look for and at unfamiliar places and ride fast on the slow road. We've gotten bit by the best-worst bug, the road bug, the I-want-to-leave-forever-and-travel-bug, we got bit. And we love it. It started the first time we were born in New Smyrna, we were on the road and loving the hiss, the colors, the smells, boiled peanuts. As we traveled over the air and bounced over the potholes and under the trees, we were emerging as who we are, nogoodniks! yes! and we were emerging into the terrible terribly free world we knew nothing about. Both of us and his tired car struck our heads out of our abysmal shell when we read: <- Business ~ Beach -> - we took the side that promised retribution and forgave us of our free wants. We sang and jumped as Vedder pounded out on the strings and wailed into the gone microphone. He singing our word and all we wanted to hear we heard and wanted more and all that was, was not. We plunged from constricted womb and bounded the bridge of sanity over the river of exploration and we knew no turning back - and He said no turning back. We navigated the roads and streets and allyways until life after death was ours. He continued to shout life and breath and beats - and we listened - we didn't turn back. We plunged through the streets of the turn that bourne our infant madness for life and we fell onto the gritty hot sands of our pure-free I-love-everything dreams. We wrestled our hopes and fears and fought with all our might that some how He would give us an assurance through his lyrics and notes of how to beat how to defeat our beat monster. I want it, i want to be free, and He wants to be truth - truth that will discover me and wrap me in the warm blanket of unconscience bliss - that will be.

We rode back unfortunately into the willing claws of our fateful womb fom which we were both for a couple of hours, free for Truth (with a capital T)