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Softly off Center

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Swaying and over beered, or no…it’s kinda like junk where everything’s yellow and off course.

Hash brownies used to do it to me, and now time tells the rhythms of various heads. Candy man giving a warning to all who would partake in this particular vision.

"If you would, come into my parlour and smell the purple smoke. Come wander with me. And together we’ll travel in psychic sickness. You and me hand in crooked arm, traveling hobbling on all threes heading for the fog".

You and I
til we sigh down confused.
Thrown back into wet sweat blankets.

Do I paint a pretty picture. You wanted to know how I became a genius, a Jerry Garcia. I am a sweet guy but my brain has been hooked by a rogue with a needle.

I could have lived past this funk but didn’t have a friend to hold my hand.

Now look at me, dead. Dead and gone. Who’s singing my voices now. Who can do it like I could have done. Will there be someone else to carry on my hot fudge message. How I want my hot fudge mission back.
Hold me
Cry me
Lets go into rivers of solitude
Round and round the twisted spiral tunnel
Til its time I said good night.

I know you won’t want to go, but there's a few years left and you can always come back to get me.
I’ll give you a piece whenever you like.

Watch your yin yang balance there. Wouldn’t want you to wear the spurs of death before you knew which way to point em.

Cowboy fright
In the rodeo night

I’m outa here
Laughing in one spot.