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For my baby

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I'm sitting here,lost in the smoke of a thousand friends laughing,the room is gay and freedom runs clear I'm wishing you were here. Theres a corner filled with sunlight, where gentle dust fairys dance. I'm gonna wait there and think of you. As the war drags on and the laughter evolves, I'm gonna sit there and think of you. When all I have to tell you seems so far away i'll share all my knowledge with friends ,with blank look I'm excepted but they hear a different song, "awww your just a hippie" and the smoking carries on.
I told them thoughts of winged doves and sailing over seas, they'll tell me of their sorrow and how "mum and dad dont understand" so the smoking carries on.
Polishing my armour, I guess I'll just except it and have another drink.
Back in the corner where the sun sings your name, I thought about our gentle ways but it seems so far away.
Your words feel like silence resting over me, and I'm lost in our dream, speechless I fail you ,as there's too much to say.Just want you to understand, take a stand, Our hearts are made of glass their delicate and sure. I'm keeping it real while waiting for more. And the smoking carries on.
The crowd is getting larger now, all the hippies and the freaks, I'm wanting inspiration so they give me another drink. Laughter is concealing when the battle has begun, with closed eyes they're fading with the night.
I thought about linguistics and I thought about the world,forever dividing masses of life. And I thought about you.
A democratic circle, they know where its at, hey they own Easy Rider for sure, ha ha.I dont want their freedom in a line. And the smoking carries on.
So I'm taking time to think of them and wonder how it is, I've talk them through their passages Leary and of Hesse, a comment and a quote for sure they get it, as the book goes back to the shelf.
There's a lot to be said for dying till death, for everything rolls on by, with shaky hand the time moves on, I know the ways of old, but damn, I'd hate to feel that cold. Not unaware of all there is too see and love and know,just ignorant in their precious un seeing glory.
For now the smiles that fill the room and the laughter in my ear move me to sorrow, for now a child is being reborn.
My baby is growing as the night comes along growing and knowing his splendour. I think I'll take a walk.
Safe in the company of myself, the moon behind my back and the dew sparkles gold, I'm thinking of my baby and the love hope carries on.
Do you hear me now? How all the world is sleeping and eyes are gently closed, sing with the might of an idea I just had, thought the place inside my head was yours, thought we were the same, mere differences in reality, a thousand realitys each to a man, this is just one of mine. Love finds me in a shared reality. And the love carries on.