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the color of travelling

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you, painter of rivers
of old dreams &
shadows of wanting
your brush is dripping & you're
drinking from the glass of
antigravity and wandering

sipping timelessness, blue
and awakened in drunken drownings
you! the traveller of lighted dreams
hungry & filled with hidden galaxies
speak divine, goldshowery shaken
tumbling through time, listening
to sandstorms in your secret dahab
that blow scattered paradises upon your
honeymoon sandwich, you! jiggling in your retsina
and cookiecore, smiling
inside sugarshores of leaving & longing

you, juggler of crowns,
windside dancing on desert trains
speak the dark whispers of broken sunshine
and moonlit questions that linger in between aeons and souls
you meander through bloodstreams and crystalline poems
fingers slipping into pockets where
conglobate kisses, stored & dried, are sleeping
and you are left with only your fish and
captured titanics, your jellyfishsongs
and swaying
your swallowed star inside your sore throat
sheding light upon every word, every song
every thing