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haunted by Doreen's poetess eyes

Posted to Utterances

all things are subject to the view
from Doreen's haunting poetess eyes

love is a haunting vision in those orbs
and they seek their fulfillment in turn

unclenching, and clenching poetic justice
they tell the story of a powerful passion
that needs must find its outlet

what detail can escape their fiery gaze
these doreen dark landscapes of sight
what image goes unnoticed in their
relentless surch for the poetic marvelous

such sweeping alternating pain and pleasure
is held in their reflecting depths; Escherian
that they are; in their perfect draftmenship
of illusion held up to the light of a furious moon

If these poems that they give birth to are bloody
like a new born babe; if they are a bit ruff and ready
to take on the world, and so are a bit unsteady on
their feet, do not condem her at the Salem witch
trials of ungainly word wranglers, she is a witch
but she is a good witch, and has not denied the dark
side, which is her greatest strenght; her black rose...

let her continue to unravel her forged lightning....
for she will never cease to temper her swift tongue
in those dark lovely strange eyes holds secrets
that most of us are bashful to behold, unfold they will,

let her alchemize her word gold; pound out her song
for she is determined to give the gushes of her heart
to this poem that shines from those magnificent
lookers of hers....