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The visitor inhaled the blue smoke, his lungs transmogrified to adapt to the atmosphere. Chattering teeth shuddered electrically under his feet, spewing green jissom from their formaldehyde gums. He was visiting his spastic sister, who was discussing pyrotechnics with her landlord on her doorstep when the visitor approached.
“A new generation of illuminations has arrived in town Frank.”
The visitor put his translucent visceral hand on his sister’s shoulder. She trembled lightly and smiled a withering smile at her brother. “We’ll resume this conversation on another night Frank.”
“Ok Mrs. Goodlank, have a good day.”
The sister led her brother up the chattering stairway in the hallway. Yellow-eyed bisexual dogs danced erratically at the top of the stairs on their hind legs, needle-holes in their genitals.
“How are you doing sis? You were confined to your bed last time I saw you.” She plunged her left hand into her pants and scratched excitedly, her eyes gleaming. “Oh, everything is good, I’ve been seeing Malcolm almost every night. He keeps me informed… ya know.” They reach the door to her apartment and she presses a button crudely attached to the wall behind them. An earwig crawls from under her fingernail and crawls into the workings of the switch. The door slowly opens vertically, stopping halfway so they have to crawl under. One of the yellow-eyed dogs follows and limbo’s under the door. After the three of them enter the room the door falls again with a resonant bang. On their entrance a record begins to play and a red bulb sewn to the ceiling glows and dims repeatedly. The dog sets himself in an armchair and picks up a kit from a small purple organic table breathing wheezily next to the chair.
“What brings you here then Kyle?” The couple remain standing in the centre of the room; the brother with handsapockets, the spastic playing with her leather bracelets.
“You asked me to come over and take a look at your oven, remember?” She turns and looks at the food splattered gas cooker in the next room, then turns back to her brother. “Oh, I got that fixed last week. It seems to be fine now. Sorry.”
An earwig crawls up one of the spastic’s nostrils, she bares her gums and her pupils dilate.
“Oh… ok.” The dog howls and urinates on the armchair, piss drips to the floorboards forming a puddle. Ants crawl towards the puddle from underneath the floorboards, exploding as they come into contact with the urine in a bright blue flash.