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12 dolls sweet

Posted to Utterances

painted characters on wood borders
meant for the edge.....of gardens
sweet cactus everlasting
the birds do sing
reality towers below...constant
on the tough city streets
she sits above creating visions
of angst and love
and the church going crowd comes to
the garden proclaims them
spooky.....devious and wild
it's the untamed we love
the winsome smile
echos of the wild beasts
as we feast on high
the fool and the jester
take their place in the
shimmering finery that is dicarded
yesterdays....and still she plays
tis not work....for to be so would
kill the soul...make of a creation
a black hole....12 dolls
expressions endless and above these
blessed streets she sends us
12 dolls sweet .....WIREMAN