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my 21st....

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i was a student in venice. so, you know, being in italy automatically made it the coolest birthday ever. my professors bought me a birthday cake. my friends all bought me dinner, then we got dressed up and went to a really cool bar that we'd heard about but hadn't tried, called cafe blue (the place ended up being a favorite spot of ours). people were buying me drinks... lots and lots of drinks. some weird guy from new zealand named steven knelt at my feet and serenaded me (badly) and then tried to give me a hickey. he ended up making out with my friend emily. awesome. anyway, at around 1 a.m., or so, i was totally drunk and i had an early meeting with one of my professors to discuss my directed study. so i left my party early, but not before tony, the bar owner, accosted me, kissed me, and told me how he knew that 21 was very important for americans.


one of my roommates walked home with me, and i remember that i was young, i was in italy, and i was euphoric. i was also completely trashed, babbling nonsense, stumbling my way over the cobblestones and bridges, and making sure to stop and say "ciao!" to anyone and everyone in my path.

it was a great night. the best birthday i ever had.

(happy birthday to ya!)