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killing 4 a bad pic at the Al-Rasheed

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okay, that's gross oversimplification but...

said pending event a coincidence? i don't think so. which agent from langley afb do you think it'll be who does the deed? shore patrol watching over housewives (and believe me, the housewives are watching the SP's :) coming and going every day to the commissary because it's the only decent one on the whole penninsula...will see this person every day. this person who will be responsible for the deaths of fellow americans. or maybe it'll be a joint cia/mossad op.

now, i like the cia/mossad as much as the next guy in approapriate settings, but c'mon, they're scary. there are good ppl and bad ppl in every spy agency. wouldn't it be nice for a change for one of the good guys to stand up and say, "no, G.W., it's not worth it. we're not killing our own ppl to make some wacko in the desert look bad. if you don't like that pic of your dad in the portico of the Al-Rasheed, you can go remove it yourself."