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oh nice

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i come here when i want to see foolishness often.. yes i love seeing poems posted here that are reposted to action poetry (hint hint, if posts could belong on more than one board there wouldn't be 2 separate boards to begin with)..

oh yes let's not forget about the political content on this board. politics piss people off, myself included, which makes many of us love the fact that politics are separated by a board labeled "poetry and politics." self-explanatory, eh? hardly. political discussions are found scattered on mindless chatter and utterances, which is a huge no-no because politics, as i said before, PISS PEOPLE OFF. have some respect, people.

and i believe that mindlessness is found on utterances because some people are trying to raise their utterance count in their profiles. this is fucking stupid. maybe i'm wrong about the reason, but there seem to be no clear reasons for posting mindlessness to utterances. the beige box at the top of the board clearly outlines that, yes, mindless chatter is allowed on the MINDLESS CHATTER BOARD, not utterances, because in fact, all utterances don't need to be posted to the utterances board. heh.. we have another board for completely mindless chatter. the utterances board is clearly for literary discussions. DISCUSSIONS. not poetry. not mindlessness. not politics. LITERARY DISCUSSIONS.

truth hurts, doesn't it.
meet you in flames if you have a problem, folks.