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i don't even know what i mean

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i do know some things tho:

my style comes differently when i'm typing than when i'm writing in my notebook. it's slight, but it's there. my typing tends to be more lyrical. my writing tends to be more witty. most of my pieces are mixes of both. it's strange.

i have recently decided to set aside time in the late evening to sit down and write, or type in pieces from my notebook. i find it helpful to have structure.

when i'm working like that, on a schedule, i find it much easier to do things like rewrites and revisions.

sometimes (a lot in the past but not as much now) i write in bars. i like to go to a relatively uncrowded bar somewhere and sit for about 3 hours, drinking slowly. i can often get a lot of deliberate work done in bars. for me, there seems to be the perfect balance of distraction and focus. background music, background tv, background conversation, but none of it even close to as distracting as the same things when i encounter them at home.

when i'm really going on my notebook, i'll write so furiously that i end up throwing my pen down in between phrases, sort of like dropping the weights onto the gym floor. it can become very physical.

and sometimes these atmospheres contribute to the manner in which i write: whether the piece is sparse, lyrical, intellectual, whatever ... it really depends on my mood. i feel like i can never write the same thing twice. the most perfect sentences come to me in a moment and if i dont get them down, they're gone and no amount of revision can get them back. for me, so much is dependent upon the moment, the atmosphere, etc.