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Working Mothers?

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I'm facing a little bit of a dilemma here and thought that I would ask the honorable opinions of my fellow LitKickers.

My children have not been in daycare as of yet, and they are five years old. Luckily, I have family nearby that have been willing to help me out by watching them each day while I go to work. Now, here's the dilemma--

I just got offered a position that I really want. This is a job where the hours are not as flexible, but the possibilities for growth are more than at my current job. I would be leaving a job with flexible mid-morning hours and going to a regular 8-5 position with the new company. This being the case, I would have to take my kids to daycare in the mornings since those hours are too early for my family to take them. Now, the daycare I want to take them to is close to our house--but they would have to transfer to another school.

Do you think that daycare and a school transfer are too much to put a 5-year-old through? Would I be selfish to give up my flexible job for an upward career move?

I'm not expecting straight answers...just any advice or experience you could share would help...

Uncertain in Utah