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science is just about as cocksure
as fundamentalism, as if truth could
be proven in a petri dish. you can wish
all you want on stars; astrology tries hard
to convince you mars has some tidal pull
on blood; art is craft and science combined.
it helps to believe.
it helps to believe.

it is in the work of achieving color balance,
light being the most effective tool, causing
images to reflect themselves and each other;
a poem is a painting observed too quickly
more often than not, skimmed by eye darts,
confined in stanzas; an extravaganza of
confidential matter, sticking itself
magnetically, however temporary,
however ever, however permanent,
however brief.

the chief goal of music is change
and resolution. change and resolution
make voices want to sing simple

the compass can tell us which way is north,
but it's all relative, depending on where your face is
facing. it is within the nuclei of atoms where
we find solutions to confusions of complexities.

art is science.
science is art.
reciprical in nature.
when we invest in the study of simplicity,
we come to realize similarities.

i have invested in the value of scientifically
evaluating Love and have come to the conclusion
that dedication to its perfection comes only
with confidence, work, and passion.
Love is art.
Love is science.
we cannot rationalize or fashion
the size it will become.

let us stun
the scholars
and publish papers
which focus on tenets, evidence,
tests, notated rests, blessed observations,
our eyes found wise enough to see
and write it down.