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free verse and rhyme and scientific timing and religious zeal

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poetry can heal. poetry can heal.
the writing of verse is medicinal.
provincial is the soul which steals
the heart, not invincible.

rich, the lore of myths imploring
answers, this, the quest for knowledge.
apples having warring
with pears; there's the college
of belief which teaches
theories and there are the weary
and the adamant, the valiant scientists
experimenting with exposures of finite
and infinite zeal.

there are those who feel
and those who kneel
and those who steal
ideas although they
are free, although they are

terminologies can be made up,
penned; zen is living again, opposites
complimenting, puzzle pieces fit
perfectly combined.

it doesn't matter if you use
free verse or rhyme.
poetry can heal.
it's not a myth.
there is zeal
in words