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it is good to be a seeker

Posted to Utterances

good to be a wanderer
a thinker
a searcher
a traveller
transient and eternal

it is good to be a mover
contracting and expanding
with the heartbeat of the one
eternal soul

it is good to be a transformer
recycling one thought
into the following
one step into the next
one feeling
into another

it's good to pulse with the rhythm
of yourself, good to feel
the inner current
good to flow
with the flow of

keep dancing!
keep singing!
keep writing!
keep listening!
stay as creative as you are
art never comes from satisfaction
it comes from uncertainty and insecurity
and yearning and longing
and all those emotions of the dawn
that have no names

and your peculiarities and inadequacies
are exactly what you are
your strangeness is you - your beauty is you
you are nothing but yourself
and this is precisely what you are
supposed to be
- yourself

embrace that complexe
contradictionary being that is you
with love and respect

you are you -
a result of much more than your past
or of what others tell you to be
or of what you yourself expect you to be

you are your own private eternity
never stagnant but always moving
and you're having the whole process
of life inside yourself...
part of the way towards yourself
that is YOU

to feel to have lost something
to have missed something... to miss something
to feel at loss and that
things should be different
that you should be different
you should be somewhere else
somebody else -

this still is all YOU

you have opened doors others keep closed
you got the floods streaming through these gates
you got oceans surging inside
others have never seen or felt

and this is you
whether you swim or drown
all that can happen to you is to drown inside youself
which would mean to sink to your own bottom
to the bottom of yourself of your soul of your heart
and the bottom of the soul is dark and you cannot come
from the superficies to the depths without entering into darkness, for it is only absolute darkness that lets in all rays of light... sometimes you have to accept darkness
to fuse with darkness
to be darkness to become the light

to be darkness means to face the light
for darkness is the only place where light can be seen

be buoyant!
ascend, descend
there are so many things to find
inside that sea of yourself
so many dreams to dream
so many songs to sing
so many loves to live

don't stay in the dark depths
don't keep floating on the sparkling surface

be buoyant
go up and down

both is okay
both is important


be open
dare to be in love
with the change