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Gaugin was in Chicago when I was
there for my company.
We ate at Bennigans and, I told
our group that I was going over
to see the Gaugin display. On this
day (Tuesday), admission was free
No one was interested. I went
over in a cold November drizzle.
As I went in, I was immediately
taken by where I was at.

I came through an opening and, there
he was. I shook beneath the display.
I was in the presence of the Artist's
life and, it humbled me. I believe
when an Artist creates, it is his life
you see in his Art.
I heard people talking about what the
paintings were worth.
Can you believe that. My God, who cares
what they are worth? They didn't see him.
That was 1988 when Bush I was elected.

I carry his scar proudly.
Art prospers;
it is the Artist who suffers.