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One clean generation

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Give us

One clean generation  

free of the conditionings  

which are still being applied  

to the children of mankind.  

First things first  

we need a well intentioned 

enlightened collective whole.  

What we have now is different interest groups 

whether they are racial, national, economical  

varying motivations overshadowing harmonious co-existence.  


One clean generation in absolute clarity  

such that not one person is here for no reason  

everchanging with time in every season  

human nature  vs mother nature

longing for a single generation of total harmony.  

Only when we can collectively transend

our historic patterns of conflicts and wars

then shall we have our chance for peace.

Our present reality of war is a valid option

our willingness to entertain war within that context  

is in many ways disturbing even alarming,  

should we pursue with our waring ways

we will endanger our survival as the human species

given the fact that our tecnological capability is deadly,

our present capacity to destroy this World is a matter of fact

unless we make the necessary adjustment

to prevent the possible annihilation  

of our entire species from planet Earth.

This is not just a matter of idealism, this is survival.  

Today even slaves can find access to weapons of mass destruction  

The suicide bombings are simply a warning that a single person,  

given the courage, conviction and determination  

can be the tool of most destructive acts.  

We must find a way of getting rid of anything  

that may nourish the intention to vengeance.  

It seems we are bound to rub each other the wrong way  

as long as we have opposing interests and agendas.  

We need one clean generation,  

yet we are heading the wrong way  

cloning and programming new life  

instead of undoing the already entrenched taboos,  

instead of doing away with dogma and fanaticism.  

I think one governing body (if any)  

should reside over a united World  

where the media serves, entertains  

and informs without manipulation.  

This is not an impossible dream,  

but rather an essential ingredient in the human equation.  

Give me a reason to hate you and I might rise to the occasion  

so the question is can we within reason

be reasonable enough  

with each other as not to cause ill feelings?  

Miscommunication and misunderstandings included  

I think this is no easy task  

unless we can clean our slate  

from mistrusting each other,  

which like erasing genetic memory,  

is next to impossible.  

Is it not time yet to believe in the impossible dream

that we can one day have peace on Earth

given the possibility of one clean generation.