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lip anatomy - what's the word.....?

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i'm writing something... trying to find the word for the
pointy part of the upper lip below the philtrum.

anybody know it? i know it has a name

from research on
i found the following (yikes, ain'tchya glad
you don't have to write stuff like this for a living?)

anyway, it doesn't mention this little pointy part of the upper lip below the philtrum and cupid bow... it does have a name, doesn't it? *sigh

great image, huh? cupid bow... ahhh


The upper lip extends from the base of the nose superiorly, to the nasolabial folds laterally, and to the free edge of the vermilion border inferiorly. The lower lip extends from the superior free vermilion edge superiorly, to the commissures laterally, and to the mandible inferiorly. Around the circumferential vermilion-skin border, a fine line of pale skin accentuates the color difference between the vermilion and normal skin. Along the upper vermilion-skin border, 2 paramedian elevations of the vermilion form the Cupid bow. Two raised vertical columns of tissue form a midline depression called the philtrum. The philtrum is located between the paramedian elevations of the vermilion and the columella above. The labiomental crease passes horizontally in an inverted u-shape across the lower lip, which intraorally corresponds to the depth of the gingivolabial sulcus.