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tempting fate...

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i'm responding to this out of pure morbid curi(furi?)osity. I figure, if 'they' are keeping tabs on all this, 'they' already know that I read it, right? So, damage done, i'm gonna have a little fun. I wonder how long it'll take for me to get a personalized veiled threat for responding to this.
I used to occasionally give the sky 'the finger' to make religious people uncomfortable (one of my hobbies). Now, with all this satelite conspiracy stuff i glad to hear that my occasional skyward gestures aren't being wasted and at the very least the American taxpayers are getting their money's worth. And yes, that is the 'fuck you' finger, for those of you not wearing your glasses. I know it's just lowly ol me and Johnny Nosey-Body has bigger fish to fry, but a boy can dream can't he? So if it is true i'd like to think i'm starting a little revolution here. What do you say folks? Will you salute? Shoot a finger skyward and if you miss a satelite, pray that you hit someone with a sense of humour!