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Who belongs on a postage stamp?

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Forget fire fighters and policemen, forget the armed forces and the EMTs, forget politicians (otherwise known as scum and scoundrels), forget nurses, grade school teachers, and crossing guards. The REAL heroes are the eccentric genuises that occasionaly rise to the surface of this otherwise fetid pool of corporate & industrial water, those seemingly deranged artists who persist in their obssessive indulgences, who create their art despite all odds, despite the recriminations of critics, despite puzzled & occasionally hostile public perceptions, despite the dismissive condesencion of culture pundits and media talking heads, despite overt close-minded and meanspirited attacks. These are the men and women who should be heralded, awarded prizes, given money to continue their endeavors, placed on postage stamps, their lives taught to little Bobby & Susie & Tamiqua & Ti Jean & Jose in grade schools across the nation. These are the men and women who generate rose-scented oxygen from chemical effluvium, who dig through garbage and emerge with diamonds, who mine asphalt and acrylic and manifest gold. Nothing about them is uniform, rigid, quotidian, run-of-the-mill, dull, insipid, doughy, flat, mundane. They are gems and treasures and should be accorded the same reverence. What bureacrat/fire fighter/doctor/nurse/school teacher/busdriver/President/investment banker can hold a candle to the likes of Simon Rodia?

Simon Rodia Joseph Cornell Ray Johnson ..... they should each have a national holiday celebrating their birth and their strange & wonderful accomplishments.