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Yes, basically

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First of all, I completely disagree with the statement "most artists would agree, that there is more force involved with deciding to pursue their art". Perhaps INTERNAL force but not EXTERNAL force.

As to the theory of the situation, yes, I believe it is okay/morally acceptable that artists should expect microscopic investigation of their lives.

That's what art IS: a microscopic investigation of (the artist's) life.

HOWEVER - I DON'T believe that their worth as an artist, or the perception of & celebration of their art should be JUDGED by that microscopic examination of their life. Their art must be judged on the merits of their art.

But let's face it - if you knowingly and willingly and enthusiastically enter the public sphere (thereby inviting the public to view, love, hate, discuss, consume, dismiss, etc. your output), then you have to know that you're life is going to be microscopically examined.