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Hey all -- a few people have asked me to make a statement about the definition of this board, and whether or not people have been ruining the experience for others by posting carelessly here.

I really am wary of answering this myself, because Utterances is the sum total of what all the LitKicks members have made it, and I am an observer just like everybody else. Maybe I can ask each person to look within themselves for the answer. I hope that anytime somebody posts here, they pause to think about whether or not other people will enjoy or benefit from the post. If not -- if the post is simply a selfish or careless act of meaninglessness -- then it'd be better for that person not to post it.

And, if a post is more appropriate for Action Poetry, or Poetry & Politics, or Mindless Chatter, I hope the person posting will realize that and decide to post to those boards instead of this one. In case anybody isn't sure, all three of those boards get a lot of traffic -- I don't see why anybody would insist on posting here instead of there.

I hope this message helps ...

-- Levi (the LitKicks guy, slightly muddle-brained and not writing on all 8 cylinders this morning)