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oh man

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i didn't like your last sentence. no sir not one bit.

but that aside, you're not babbling by talking about your journal. i think most writers keep one of one sort or another. i keep a notebook with me wherever i go and what goes into it is sometimes similar to a diary, or sketches, or stories, or a character sketch, or a cool rhythmic line, or anything.

as far as whether or not i'd want that to "get out there"...some of it, probably ... altho some of it is personal, i'm not sure if any of it is any more personal (altho perhaps not as well disguised) as anything that i've written that i've shown to people.

but i'd rather not, for instance, have the birthday cards or christmas cards that i've sent people get out there. i'd rather not, for instance, like to have the personal letters or, christ, even some emails, get out there. i mean, is it the end of the world if they did (assuming i became some genius writer)? no. but i feel that it would compromise my art (my deliberate body of work) to have notes out there, phrases that were used in my novel turn up in various, excessivelyl repeated notes to friends, etc. i would want my art judged in and of itself.