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i guess i was wrong

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i was reading articles on Arts and Letters Daily this morning, and i stumbled upon an op/ed piece from The Guardian that was essentially a defense of internet child pornography. now, this post is not intended to start a discussion about internet child pornography, as we've already been over that at some length. suffice it to say that i disagreed with this articl in almost every regard, and quite vehemently, too. anyway, it was while reading this article that i came across what i believe will be the funniest thing i read today, and perhaps tomorrow, as well:

“Faced with [paedophelia], even when purely notional and not acted upon, our society goes mad. This madness, supported by statists and neo-Victorians, reduces some of us to the unpleasant task of defending paedophiles against laws that are as depressing as their fetish. It reminds me of what I particularly loathed about the Ayatollah Khomeini - he forced me to defend Salman Rushdie.”

that just cracked me up. seriously. now it's not as though i actually hate Salman Rushdie, though i don't particularly like him, either, it's just that i love it when people have the balls to publicly denounce a writer who they think is dogshit. allow me to repeat, and clarify: i really don't like Salman Rushdie. but i don't hate him as much as i hate David Foster Wallace, either.

so, i was reading another article, this one actually about Salman Rushdie, and i stumbled upon a quote of his:

"A writer's injuries are his strengths, and from his wounds will flow his sweetest, most startling dreams."

i am, for the time being, unwilling to rescind my dislike of the man's work [at least that which i have had the displeasure of attempting to slog through], but i am willing to say that i think him better than 'someone who i happen to not hate as much as David Foster Wallace.'