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clearly, you aren't paying any attention, at all. i very specifically posted that i wasn't trying to open up a debate about child pornography. i said that because i wasn't. but apparently, you're some kind of "last word artist."

i am going to say this for the last time, and hereafter i will not respond to any post regarding the issue of child pornography.

child pornography is wrong. under no circumstance should the freedom of speech/expression rights of paedophiles be upheld if they seem to supercede the right os children to not be sexually abused. let me make this even clearer. the involvement in children in the representation of a sex act is abuse. plain and simple. child pornography is wrong, wrong, wrong. this has no bearing on the rest of our civil liberties, and i don't give a flying fuck if you paranoid far-left reactionaries think it does. there is no such thing as unfortunately defending paedophiles. you defend the children and the desire of some to make sexual abuse an issue of free speech, otherwise you are a part of the problem.

i believe that we will continue to have a voice. you seem to think that may not be the case. we will have to politely disagree on this subject, as i don't feel like getting into it. i'm going back to work, and when i get back i will not respond to any posts by you defending paedophiles' freedoms.