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to totally contradict myself, i will say that i do end up writing things in one form or another, but the subject matter in the writing might not obviously be about whatever it is that triggered it. i tend to have to let things settle for awhile. but still, there are some things that i'm just not going to write about, for whatever reason. i talk about those things with people i trust, then i let them go. sometimes, if i absolutely have to write something down in order to get it out, i'll write a letter to someone who's hurt me or who i am angry with, then i'll print that sucker out and set it on fire. it's a symbolic process to me, and there's something healing about watching all that pain go up in smoke. but once i do that, i believe in letting go of whatever it was that brought me to that point, and i won't revisit it unless i find that i've still got buried hurt, resentment, whatever, and then i'll repeat the process until i'm better.

but this is something i do for me.

sometimes i'm crazy.