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Ralph Rumney, the late Situationist

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Made a very good point which I will paraphrase here (because I don't have the exact quote in front of me):

One realizes, finally, that one's LIFE is the art.

I find that tremendously inspiring. It re-orient one's thoughts about "what is art?". The tendency is to define it in terms of tangible output, i.e., the art is the painting or the art is he photograph or the art is the novel.

Rumney, however, challenges that view and performs a liberation of sorts by saying "hey, you may never have a picture hung in a museum, or a novel published, or a one person show in a gallery, but that's unimportant. What IS important is that your LIFE is a work of art".

The painting, the novel, the poem, is a Product of the Art. The Art is the Artist's Life.