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i did mean

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my computer.

altho, this brings up a non-topic thing that i'll just mention:

halfway thru my novel, about 4 years ago ... my computer crashed. i lost everything except for most of the 1st chapter (which i had written at work and was still on that computer) and whatever unrevised scribbles were in my notebook (not much).

i didnt write ANYTHING for almost a year. it was up until that point probably the most devastating thing that had happened to me.

i did recover (i finished the book) but there were things that were nevertheless lost forever.

now that i mention it, this is the perfect explanation for my being a packrat, and not that i want some idiot obsessive biographer to find everything that i've ever written.

another one of my stories that i never got really into started with this guy throwing his tv out the window and killing someone (accidentally) who was walking on the sidewalk below, and he becomes a folk hero of sorts.

but that's not the point either.

but, yeah, i still think you're a pyromaniac.