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can i say something?

ok thanks.

i think that this is such an understandably difficult topic that i think that sometimes the point that is trying to be made can get weighed down beneath the baggage. this is a shame. but alas.

i think that you're setting yourself up for disagreement when you say "it is a myth we must try to maintain at all costs."

clearly, "at all costs" doesn't really mean that. it doesnt mean that freedom of speech is more important that the sanctity of one's body. it's just not. if you want to reply that it is, then do so and we can end the conversation. but it's not (as far as i'm concerned).

now, how that freedom of speech is applied is definitely the issue. i think that, from my perspective, it's sometimes better to discuss issues like this in different contexts, for instance other areas of society which have a parallel, that can then, for the sake of argument, be theoretically applied to other issues.

but i think the issue here is a little touchy to risk devaluing it "for the sake of argument". and the fact that it is touchy is, by all human concerns, completely understandable.

do you see what i'm saying?