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of course not! (edited)

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but if evidence comes to light that someone is participating in these activities and there is a possibility of children being victimized, then the houses of those who are suspected should be searched... and their computers, too

i'm not gonna do this discussion again... we've had this discussion already... 2 days in a row for hours and hours and hours and if people don't know my viewpoint by now, then they didn't read what i wrote before but it's all here, so you are welcome to search for the thread if you want to

i totally disagree with Lightning Rod on this matter

although I do understand what he is saying, i don't agree

i'm just as adament as he is about the importance of free speech and how important it is to keep the internet an open, uncontrolled medium, but i draw a line when it comes to allowing predators to abuse our children in the name of freedom

that's just plain bogus

crimes against children need to be stopped and if it takes policing of the internet to do it, then good!!!!

Lightning Rod claims children should enjoy the rights to "body soveriegnty" and i think that's ridiculous.... a child is not mature enough to make decisions about his or her body. Children can be coerced and used and abused and their lives destroyed by these actions and adults need to take responsibity to protect them and if that means authorities need to track down child pornographers AND those who pay to view the photos, then that's what SHOULD be done

because even those who view the photos are helping promote the industry

without the customers, there would be no need for the child & demand