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Die For Oil, Sucker - Jello Biafra

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You!! You look like you're just the right age to be drafted.
Does that even bother you?
Still thinking about that?
There was a sign at Jonestown behind Jim Jones' dead body. And it said:
Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Which would you rather sacrifice
your hot car or your life?
Die for oil, Sucker.

Born on the firecracker fourth of july,
raised on football and MTV,
never felt what it's like to have to fight to stay free.
Vietnam just a TimeLife book memory.

The mask is off again, this time nobody cares
but you can't keep dancing when your legs are blown away
Die for oil, Sucker.

You too can get your face shot off
so arms race tycoons won't have to get a real job.
The cold war's over, it was all a mirage,
we could use that money, we got problems to solve.
But we're not allowed a chance at the peace dividend,
cuz our psycho president's got his head in the sand.
Saddam Hussein's so egocentric he even replaced
Mickey Mouse on watches with his own face.
Last spring he was our tyrant we thought we could use,
we sold him his guns and his nerve gas too.
When he told our embassador he was fixing to invade,
they told him, No PRoblem, Uncle Scam wouldn't care.
What kind of a Bush League Double Cross is this?
Cheap oil? The price has already gone up.
This could wind up making Hiroshima look like a picnic.
And keep in mind James Baker is a born again Christian.
Does he believe in Armageddon?
And the last generation?
Die for oil, sucker.

You too can get your spinal chord snapped.
To save greedy kings from the greed of Iraq.
Give your life for a country where women can't vote.
and people still get their hands and heads chopped off.
In Saudi Arabia they'll stone you to death
for sleeping with another person's husband or wife
women can't go out alone or show their face or even drive
and there's never elections, you can't even ask why.
but they finally did outlaw slavery in 1962
so progress is being made.
and they're sitting on something we can learn to live without
but certain fat cats bank accounts cannot - OIL!
for this, you get to be all you can be.
a DEAD army navy airforce marine.
Come home one of those deranged unemployed vets!
the kind they love to make TV cop shows about!
just like Tom Cruise in a wheelchair!
But no film royalties cuz nobody cares
about you once you've been used
to die for oil, sucker.

It'll kill the poor even faster than crack!
send them off to war, make sure they don't come back.
Give em tanks that fall apart and helicopters that crash
2000 died in Pananma cuz the Stealth can't shoot strait.
800 million dollar Batman plane and it doesnt even work.
no surprise when they're idea of national security is
toilet seats costing 18 hundred bucks.
And is it really worth it in this day and age?
To end up the winners of a world war 3?
Think about it, once we take over that place
we'll never ever be able to leave.
Somehow we thnk we're gonna waltz right in
to colonize their hearts and minds
but the arab people are now so damn mad
we'll be lucky to get out of there alive.
You think any of them want their kings to sell us oil?
think of the cost to KEEP our army there
when the only way left to bleed oil out of the ground
is soldiers guns treating arabs like slaves
or was that all part of the plan?
Gotta put 400,000 Nato troups somewhere!
They found a scam to extend the cold war
it's called die for oil, sucker.

Cuz America the Beautiful is going to hell
we no longer make cars or TVs very well
our economy is rigged on making guns and selling war
what happens when noone wants our products anymore?
America the Powerful has hit a decline
our cities and our people are falling apart
malnutrition and infant mortality rates
to rival damn near any third world slavery state.
Got one thing left to sell that's the world police
a mercenary state to ensure there's no peace
we love doing your dirty work but ya'll gotta pay
mob style protection money to the US of A!

Rich thugs with no vision trying to save their empires
new order world mafia with them still in charge
reducing america to a banana republic
die for oil, sucker.

What's so sick about this is there's a better way
stop selling guns to Arabs AND to Isreal!
Don't need to keep ourselves hostage to oil.
Use our Star Wars knowledge to build solar powered cars!
We won't need an army either.
One clerk in the patent office might be all it would take
to find blueprints for a solar car General Motors shelved away.
But no, that's too simple and there's money to be made.
Especially if you already have more than you ever need.
For those of us who can't buy our way out
like rich folks like Dan Quayle do
it's burn your draft card, burn the flag
and burn the pentagon too!
That's why we got the worlds first tabloid war
no bodies - no funerals - no wounded - no gore!
Superbowl everyday where we always win!
So much yellow ribbon we are hanging ourselves.
That's whats so different from ugly Vietnam
media that brought that war home's been bought out
General Electric controls NBC News
they want to sell weapons, so they distort what we view.
Can those RAH RAH WE LOVE WAR polls be believed?
When so many of us everywhere are out in the streets?
Pentagon papers won't admit we exist
what that says to me is their owners are scared
that we WILL get as strong as they have in Berlin
and tear down their walls and their new order scams
yellow ribbon
can't hold us too long
we support our troops most cuz we say
so be all you can be
say NO to the army - airforce - marines!
Get off your butt before your butts blown off
don't die for oil
don't be a sucker