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Death to Oil and the automobile

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If your point is that America really, really sucks -
consider the rest of the world as no garden of virtues either,
but you might miss that point pointing your fingers instead screaming
death to Oil! death to the automobile!
in your paved over paradise
mothers beat their children caught on videotape
four year old fingers tearing up the wrapper fury reaching for the Barbie doll and getting punched in the face for wanting to play with it right there on the shopping floor at Kohl's
o lord! priests furtively flipping down the pants of their altar boys! senators and ceos corrupt!
while fashion maves and martha wannabes tell us to fart through silk because that might tame the flame and curb the smell of us
squinting as she does through her reptile eyes
scan that horizon of America paved over paradise you'll see
the cranksters staying up all night and day peeking through foil-wrapped windows searching for the Man and the plastic people moving through the bending trees peeking back at them
but don't call the man 'cause see he's working for someone else in a gated house and if he comes he'll shove a broomstick up your ass
America sucks like a bad William Gaddis novel (and were any of them any good? or just too hard to read?) and we are all J R Vansants joining the club, come on join the club
so you step inside and suddenly excitement surrounds you! You enter a world highlighted by the soft, flickering glow of open-hearth fireplaces...but meanwhile as you pat the beautiful bunnies the shambles of a ruined world outside the gated house falls to ruin beyond the wooded roads past the craggy shore to shores - it's endless and there's more
meat to meet the fate of dinosaur tales
the seas are boiling, the fish are dying and there's a fucking hole in the sky letting in all the ultraviolet radiation
just so people can make a buck
yeah, America sucks
and so does everyplace else
good god we shield our eyes in disgust *shielding eyes in disgust* I see you standing there on the corner in your gothic pose
are you so misbegotten stuffed in your holden caufield lust
that you want to rant against phoniness, unaware that you are acting like someone else standing next to you raising their fists in a herd of populists
yeah America sucks
and ain't it grand to finally feel like you belong?
you and your uber alles exuberance
chant chant chant
we shall change the world and america must die!
did you see the jumping bodies falling down 110 stories?
did you look away that day or did you say we deserve it, we deserve it
across the seas
sit men cloaked in robes and whispers
they will make your dream come true
they will change the world
get ready for more bombs and pestilence
there are masters over there, and their skinny slaves are not well fed instead of bread they bake their bombs and cock their guns
their bullets are hard, not made of butter but is your flesh as hard?
go ahead call my bluff if i tell you *work a little harder* so you might see the truth, you flip me off
yeah, tell me to fuck off, what about truth would I know, anyhow?
what is truth anyway?
we both have truths, are mine the same as yours?
what is good and what is not?
need we have others tell us these things?
ps you're not listening
if i require nothing more from you and still you require there must be meaning there, information to the text to read what was never written
can you guess why i remain confused by what you want to do
i escaped the ovens and the gas chambers and fled the nightmare fighters washed out with a hose
the best the West had to offer was the blood of sixty million bones, not once but twice
go ahead and fall in line with the eastern mystics but they renounced any god and now their god is money even as they sell you zen, you buy it
the cradle of civilization has become a tomb
and the gorillas are fading into the mist
get ready for the final mushroom cloud
yeah America sucks
and so does everywhere else
go ahead crank up your revolution machine
flip over the american dream
while the wriggling worms beneath the grass cry out for rain
but the sun is pain and washes away the past
every day blue sky that comes tomorrow
for all you skinny Hamlets
the villainy of revenge boiling in your brains
you Joan of Arcs riding rampage against what's sane
insanity is doing the same thing over and over
and expecting different results
the system is crippled the system is down
the markets are crashing, falling with buildings
in theory your thesis works out
and so does everything else
go ahead chant like everyone else
me, i keep my faith
nelson mandela went free and became the president
the pope comes polish these days
an iron curtain fell down
i smell small victories everywhere
that's where the real war must be fought
the real work to be done
you will catch me there
toiling in my grief and
humming in my small laughter
go ahead, chant your recipe of rage
meanwhile, baby,
you'll catch me hoping here
day after day
vile, sadness, the tragedy
all around us
yeah, America sucks
and I'm in love with her