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Masculine Transcendentalism?

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from the article -

"Story #2 - Masculine Transcendentalism

I take this marvelous phrase, masculine transcendentalism, from the historian of technology David Noble. We can see masculine transcendentalism at work in Wired magazine, or in all of the hype around artificial intelligence or virtual reality. The story is this: someday soon, the physical world is going to wither away. Everything is going to become digital. All of our minds will be downloaded onto machines. All of our books and paintings will move into digital media. We will no longer have bodies, and, most amazingly of all, we will work in the paperless office. Noble's brilliant insight is that this is a religious worldview, and his historical research demonstrates compellingly that it developed out of a religious worldview without any particular discontinuity along the way. It is a millenarian worldview in that it posits a perfect future in which everything will be transformed. It is a transcendental worldview in that it calls for the whole world to be raised up and dissolved into an incorporeal realm that leaves the body and all the messy stuff in the social world behind. It sounds funny and hyperbolic when you frame it this way, but it is an enormously influential way of speaking in industry and elsewhere.

Here, then, are the basic relationships posited by masculine transcendentalism:

designers - prophets

users - caught up in an inevitable rapture

information - the fabric of heaven"

hmmmmmm..... well i say if we can make the information superhighway age of computer technology a religion, we'll have no problem at all making poetry a religion.

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