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More sappy love crap from LR and doreen to make you all sick

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I would like to sit a write high-flown poetry
And shake the world with my rhythms
But tonight it is cold
To the bone cold
And all I want to do is gather you
Under the covers and explore smoothness
And warmth
Let the jazz pour over us
Like a dusted confection
Drink dessert drinks and
Soothe the evening
With wiles and dreams.

The safety of your arms
My only ambition.
My hands: explorers of
The dark and warm.

The world freezes to a halt
And the jazz goes on
My hands seek your creases
Smooth arctic lips

The beat divides by our breath
I find your skin
My low-voltage furnace
Dive deeper
Dotted eighths and sixteenths
Burns low and blue
I search for jazz and you.