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blank sheet white, clean

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blank sheet white, clean
candlelight gleen, coltrane's steps giant,
mine set firm; love supreme burned
into memory, recorded like an epiphany;
you accompanying, you accompanying,
fingertips touching keys - nothing diminished
not timing or phrase

fifths sevenths and ninths
amaze while cannonball sax
and byrd riffed tracks
bid come here

i am in the presence of greatness
recognized by length and sighs
i find the jazz in you
given free to me,
the percussive beat
sweetly coming home
in point and counterpoint,
tone of reverence, swift air atop
an open hole; your flute, your flute
fingered with grace, the taste of
aperitifs and after dinner mints
scent straight from heaven, kissed
soft on a cupid's bow, the arrow held
beneath the rising of two lips,
below the point
of literature.

to be tasted.
to be tasted.


hehe... you got 2 replies because i took so long to write and didn't kill the thread

LOL!!! yer up
but we both knew that
didn't we?