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all dat jazz

Posted to Utterances

my father always said
that's just chords!
that's just chords! anybody
can do that.

jazz, on the other hand
is matter of fact.
jazz is matter of fact.

not just anybody can fly.
vocalists try to scat like Ella
but the rat-a-tat unique mellow and
stacatto tone, attempted to mimic,
can't compete. it's all sleek
and unique though. it's all sleek
and like skin felt with feather,
like forever glances all encompassing,
like trances wished by gypsies, like
the tipsy i get when i cannot forget
two hours ago when i had to leave,
dor walked out of, six panels slammed,
the memory of your scent on my hands,
plans intact for the returning,
plans intact, in fact,
yearning for jazz.

jazz, baby, ya got dat jazz, dat
razzmataz and i'm so dancing
to the romancing of da rhythm of you,
i'm on stage with see through
words, i'm on stage
bowing to you