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quite possibly not an utterance

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but we'll see what we can do...

i've been working on a few new projects and 3 out of four of them deal with presenting poetry in a more non-conventional way than just plain text on a page. in this process, i've been playing with a few new (to me) things and have constructed a number of things, such as the project linked below (disclaimer: i know it's sappy... that was kind of the point):

(ps: i recommend you only click on this if you can hear sound without getting fired and have a high-speed connection)

aside from any feedback or comments you have on this in particular, i'd also like to know what are some unique/interesting ways you've seen poetry presented or performed? do you find it enhances or detracts from the work itself or is the performance/presentation a crucial part of any piece? or i could get way out there and ask... what *is* the future of poetry? (deeeeep)

looking forward to your thoughts...


(oh also, i don't claim to be an expert by any means on this and i know i'm not doing anything earthshatteringly new, so um, yeah. insert more self-deprecation here as you see fit.)